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Mobile Strategy

The proliferation of smart phones, tablets, desktops, smart tvs, etc. has transformed the business landscape. Without a comprehensive mobile strategy, your business is being left behind as competitors move forward. The Idea Entity mobile team is right by your side as we evaluate how your business changes in the context of mobile platforms, and helps you quickly define a relevant mobile strategy designed for return on investment.

Our specialized mobile team spends their days and nights visualizing scenarios, building quick prototypes, mobilizing new and existing applications, and building enterprise-focused apps that empower efficiency and innovation within your organization.

The first step in adopting a mobile strategy is mobile app  development. The Idea Entity mobile team is trained to keep absolutely focused on your users.

We build apps with impact, while giving you a methodology for:

  • User Attraction
  • Branding
  • Business Modeling
  • Return on Investment

A good mobile strategy includes such platforms as:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone Apps
  • Blackberry
  • Firefox OS

Why Does Your Company Need a Mobile Strategy?

Experts are predicting that 25% of online retail sales will be  transacted through mobile platforms by the year 2017. The main reason behind this prediction is because of the flexibility and  convenience that mobile devices offer.

With that in mind, development of your mobile strategy needs to take the following factors into account:

  • User Experience (UX) – Customers determine in seconds whether to order or not. Your application needs to provide customers with exactly what they want.
  • Functionality – Issues that arise from the functionality of the mobile device can have a devastating impact on completion of order. Determine the flaws that occur with each device, then eliminate them.
  • Application Development – By utilizing fully cloud functional interfaces, this allows the developers a robust application programming interface. A cloud based back end allows development resources to be freed up and allows developers to focus on user experience.
  • Monetization – Your mobile strategy should create an interface that makes it simple for your client to do business. Free applications are much easier to market. By providing a free app with the ability to upgrade to premium features encourages purchasing decisions.
  • Flexibility – Customer interaction will always reveal challenges that were not thought of during development. Use customer buying patterns to shape your application for a better user experience.
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