Idea Entity Successfully Concludes Comptroller Services Portal (CSP) Contract for the US Air Force

Herndon, VA -29 Sept 2023 - Idea Entity, developer of the CSP and leading provider of change management solutions, announces the culmination of its contract with the US Air Force for the Comptroller Services Portal (CSP).  

As of September 30th, Idea Entity will no longer be providing customer support related to this contract.

Over the past five years, our dedicated team has diligently worked to ensure that the US Air Force's specific needs and requirements were not only met but exceeded. Idea Entity was able to deploy the CSP during COVID at a time when the Air Force was in need of a Virtual Finance office.  Because we were able to deploy on Microsoft O365, we didn’t have to go through a separate ATO process and rolled out the solution in a matter of months.  

After accomplishing this challenge, Idea Entity then ported the CSP to the Air Force CloudOne Microsoft Azure environment. We are proud to reflect on our significant achievements deploying the CSP during the tenure of this contract:

  • Reduced inquiry resolution time from 30 days to 1-3 days.
  • Submitted over 1.5 million inquiries.
  • Supported over 390,000 users.

"Working with the US Air Force has been a deeply rewarding experience for our entire team. We are proud of our accomplishments and the value we brought to the Comptroller Services Portal," said Venu Yerra, CEO/Founder. "We are grateful for the trust placed in us and remain committed to delivering excellence in all our future endeavors."

Customers and users of the Comptroller Services Portal are advised that beginning September 30th, Idea Entity will no longer be offering support for the platform. All inquiries and support needs related to the CSP should be directed to the US Air Force's appropriate contact or department.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the US Air Force, our dedicated staff, and all stakeholders for their continued support and collaboration over these fruitful years. We feel that this transition is a testament to the commitment of customer success. As we transition from this contract, Idea Entity remains steadfast in its mission to streamline organizational change.

For further information or inquiries on how Idea Entity can rapidly deploy workflow and business process automation solutions for you, please contact: 425-454-2905