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Best tool we have used in 40 years

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Seven key challenges. One solution.

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Case Management

Customer Service Workflow
Elevate the customer experience
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Contract & Procurement

Acquisition Workflow
Ensure FAR compliance and audit readiness
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Cyber Governance

Cyber Workflow
Track issuances and accelerate audit readiness
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Inventory management

Inventory Workflow
Track expensive equipment to include maintenance lifecycles

How it works

We see a world where solutions are built around an existing process on familiar platforms so that you can simply go about your work bringing together the right people and resources with visibility that leaves nothing in the dark.

Develop & Deploy

First, we gain a deep understanding of your business and how it functions. Then in as little as 3-6 months, our SMEs design, develop, and deploy a solution.


Second, we drive user adoption by understanding key business focus areas and implementing short enhancements.


Third, we deliver on long term strategy by modularizing and integrating enterprise co-dependencies while enhancing for next gen user needs through best practices.

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1M+ Active Users

Rhybus enabled solutions actively support over 1.2 million active users across over 100 implementations.

Getting back Time

By eliminating bottlenecks and automating key processes, organizations are seeing 30x faster workflows.

Millions in Savings

By building within established ecosystems, Rhybus reduced the total cost of ownership by 20%.

Power productivity for your entire organization


Customer success is our top priority

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[Rhybus] demystifies and streamlines our financial processes

Capt. Carly Serratore
Secretary of the former Air Force Financial Management CSP program manager
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The quality of services provided by Idea Entity has consistently exceeded expectations. [Rhybus] was the best tool - and best rollout - in decades.

Jessie Hight
Supervisory Contracting Officer, US Air Force
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The beauty of [Rhybus] is that it can be massaged to meet whatever your mission set is.

Roger Cassillas
CIV US Army Medcom HQ (USA)
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The system was extremely user-friendly and very intuitive. We loved it, from the moment it rolled out.

Brent Larsen
Planning, Programming, Budget & Execution Manager, US Air Force Wildland Fire Branch
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