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Case Management

Customer Service Workflow

Streamline communication in one place

From customer service requests to case management, Rhybus enables you to track and manage inquiries to ensure fast resolution.

Case Management

Streamline records management and track FOIA requests.

Workload Analysis

Understand where resources are being used and allocate them most effectively.

Integrated Live Chat

Improve ticket response times by engaging with your customers in real-time with live chat capabilities.

Centralize Data & Analytics

By removing the manual or disparate processes with a single solution supporting the customer service lifecycle, organizations are able to:

  • View all data and analytics in one centralized location
  • Leverage those insights to improve operations, create efficiencies, and improve the customer experience
  • Manage resources and capital allocations more effectively with a central dashboard and reports

Improve Workflow Visibility

The Customer Services Workflow provides leadership and key personnel with greater visibility into customer service processes. This helps organizations to:

  • Monitor and analyze performance
  • Identify bottlenecks and implement rapid solutions
  • Streamline response methodology

Digitize Manual Workflows

Replacing paper or manual processes with a digital workflow will help you to:

  • Improve ticket response
  • Remove the requirement for the customer to travel to a physical location to engage with support resources
  • Provide customers with greater transparency surrounding their claim and the progress of the ticket resolution

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"The quality of services provided by Idea Entity has consistently exceeded expectations. RhyBus was the best tool - and best rollout - in decades."

Supervisory Contracting Officer, US Air Force
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