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Acquisition Management

Contract & Procurement Workflow

Acquire with ease

With the Contract & Procurement workflow, you can bring greater efficiency and transparency to service contracts.

FAR Compliance

Establish FAR compliance with a platform that has 0% error rate among current customers.

Contract Maintenance

Avoid 11th-hour expiring contracts with a platform that enables visibility and tools to pre-empt future emergencies.

Increase Workflow Visibility

Lack of visibility can lead to missed deadlines, rushed decisions, and challenges in effectively managing resources. Acquisition Management Workflow helps organizations to:

  • Establish a digital acquisition workflow that removes paper or email-based communications
  • Gain instant visibility into the acquisition process from request to decision
  • Plan resource allocation more effectively

Ensure Audit Readiness

Ensuring audit readiness is time-consuming and complicated, oftentimes, leaving room for liability and exposure. Acquisition Management Workflow helps organizations to:

  • Store all acquisition information, discussions, and approvals in one centralized location
  • Quickly and confidently acquire the necessary information to serve the audit requirements
  • Leverage an intuitive platform to perform automatic compliance checks

Simplify Decision Making

In a manual or hybrid acquisition workflow, leaders are forced to make quick, important decisions without being able to track incoming packages, gain insight into request and review points, and are often times, left with inadequate time to make decisions. With our Acquisition Workflow decision makers are able to:

  • Track incoming packages during the request and review stages
  • Alleviate the concern regarding the quality of data and package arrival timeline
  • Shift from a reactive acquisition process to a proactive process where decision makers know what's happening across their acquisition workflow

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