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Planning, Programming, Budget, and Execution (PPBE)

Budget Management Workflow

Say Goodbye To Manual Spreadsheets

Rhybus streamlines manual processes while centralizing key insights & models to ensure you have all the data to make key decisions.

Remove Spreadsheets

Improve data validation on the front end while removing the headache of version control.

Lifecycle Visibility

Establish requirement lifecycle visibility by connecting the budget and execution side of PPBE with planning and programming.

Centralize Key Insights & Models

Eliminate missed deadlines, rushed decisions, and operational bottlenecks. With RhyBus, you can:

  • Remove the paper, spreadsheet, or email-based communications and management processes
  • Gain instant visibility into all information from one sign-on
  • Enable better decision support as well as quickly identify and remove bottlenecks

Streamline Manual Processes

Remove the manual, email, and spreadsheet-based processes from your existing financial planning and budgeting workflow. Leverage the RhyBus platform to:

  • Digitize the manual data entry and communication processes
  • Enable digital collaboration enterprise-wide at each stage of the process
  • Remove the complications associated with access and version control

Improve Planning & Forecasting

Remove the time-consuming and complicated process of manually importing, exporting, and analyzing financial data. The RhyBus platform helps you to:

  • Streamline the process of capturing the full financial picture to enable effective decision support
  • Integrate with third-party accounting solutions to enable the import and export of data
  • Improve data integrity and trustworthiness by removing the manual collection and analysis processes

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"RhyBus demystifies and streamlines our financial processes."

Chief of Innovation and Integration, SAF/FMF US Air Force
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