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Due-Out Tool

Task Management Workflow

Next-Gen Task Management

Accelerate organizational performance with a custom platform enabling collaboration across your organization.

Eliminate Spreadsheets (general)

Using spreadsheets to coordinate organizational processes is archaic at best. Cut out the pain of chasing down the most recent spreadsheet by automating data input and distribution. This allows modern collaboration to ensure mission readiness.

Workload Management

Improve response rates of globally distributed teams.

Streamlined communication

Eliminate email coordination and enhance collaboration.

Enhance Guidance Submissions & Policy Deployment Processes

Task Management Workflow provides a dashboard that helps organizations to:

  • Publish policy and guidance information
  • Streamline suggestion tracking
  • Centralize the request submission process for customers

Task Management Oversight

The Task Management Workflow streamlines and automates the task management process by:

  • Identifying service gaps
  • Recognizing training deficiencies for personnel
  • Reacting to guidance notifications
  • Increasing response rates between organization modules

Improve Operational Efficiency

Effective task management is integral to a productive organization. The Task Management Workflow allows users to create, assign, and manage tasks in a centralized location. By so doing your team can:

  • Allocate information quickly and confidently
  • Create and distribute reports
  • Maintain quality assurance over roles and responsibilities

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"The system was extremely user-friendly and very intuitive. We loved it, from the moment it rolled out."

Planning, Programming, Budget & Execution Manager, US Air Force Wildland Fire Branch
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