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Inventory Management

Inventory Management Workflow

Maintain Complex Inventory

Ensure mission readiness by (1) knowing exactly where all equipment is, (2) managing maintenance lifecycle, and (3) tracking requests for borrowing, loaning, and purchasing new equipment.

Equipment Location Tracking

Up-to-date tracking of large assets across the globe.

Maintenance Lifecycle

Manage maintenance on complex inventories to ensure mission readiness.

Increase Inventory Visibility & Tracking

The Inventory Management Workflow removes the manual, email, and paper-based processes from existing inventory tracking and allocation processes and replaces it with an end-to-end solution designed to:

  • View equipment inventory storage, life cycle status, historical maintenance records, end-of-life replacements, and efficient allocation and tracking across modules
  • Centralize information, requests, and updates in one location
  • Improve executive decision-making capability due to increased access to trustworthy insights pertaining to inventory and equipment

Streamline Maintenance Processes

Maintenance records must be well-documented and accessible. By using the Inventory Management Workflow within the RhyBus platform, organizations are able to:

  • Automate maintenance deadline processes
  • Update and store maintenance records for all assets in inventory
  • Effectively track loans and loan requests

Regulate Quality Assurance Checklists

This workflow is designed to improve intra and inter-module communication which helps organizations to:

  • Improve quality assurance and maintenance information
  • Foster engaging discussions to improve response times
  • Sustain maintenance activities regardless of employee turnover

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