RhyBus is a ready-made toolset to streamline your workflow

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Contract & Procurement

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Inventory Management

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Budget Management

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Personnel & HR

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Customer Service

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Task Management

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Cyber Governance

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Leverage Current Investments

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Quick to deploy
By utilizing existing licenses and "Authority to Operate"(ATO), rapid enterprise deployment can be achieved in months instead of years.
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Low barrier-to-entry
Our workflow automation solutions offer a low barrier to entry when gaining access to government networks.
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Not limited to any network
Deployable on NIPR, SIPR, JWICS and beyond!
Deployable to multiple platforms
Deployable to multiple platforms
Deployable to AWS, MS365, Azure, Google Cloud, SharePoint OnPrem, etc.
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Authorized to use PII
Securely store your sensitive data.
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Open API's
Connect other systems of record (financial, inventory, logistics, etc.) through our Open API.
Intuitive Interface

Our intuitive UI (2 clicks) requires minimal upfront training and backend maintenance, enabling you to focus on your core business objectives.

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Our solution scales to millions of users and is agile for remote, hybrid, and global teams.

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Capabilities-Based Pricing

We offer capabilities-based pricing with flexible deployment options to achieve a cost-effective, fit-for-purpose total cost of ownership.

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Streamlined Contracting Paths


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