Idea Entity and Government Acquisitions, Inc. Secure Multi-Year Contract with USSOCOM's PEO-FW Mobility for POM Automation

[Herndon, VA] -2 Oct 2023 - Idea Entity, in strategic partnership with Government Acquisitions, Inc. (GAI), is proud to announce its recent contract award to automate the Program Executive Office – Fixed Wing (PEO-FW) Mobility Program Object Memorandum (POM) process for USSOCOM.

Historically, PEO-FW Mobility has managed its POM process consistent with many Federal and Military organizations, utilizing spreadsheets shared among their headquarters and development sites or integrators. This conventional approach, while functional, has seen its challenges in ensuring seamless communication and process visualization.

Enter Idea Entity's cutting-edge solution: the RhyBus Workflow-As-A-Service platform. Under the new contract, Idea Entity will harness the capabilities of RhyBus to design and roll out a comprehensive tool that integrates requirements, funding, and authorized team members into a singular, user-friendly portal. This innovative tool will not only streamline the POM process but also provide unparalleled transparency in communications and a holistic visualization of the entire process.

This collaborative venture between Idea Entity, GAI, and USSOCOM's PEO-FW Mobility signifies a significant step towards modernizing critical operational processes within the military framework, setting a benchmark for future automation projects.

For more details or press inquiries, please contact: 425-454-2905